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Reformed theology is a theological position that ultimately teaches that the Bible is the divinely-inspired and the authoritative Word of God, sufficient in all matters of faith and practice for believers. Reformed theology came as a result of the Protestant Reformation that began in the early 16th Century, due to the recognition of the false and unbiblical beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. The Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation unites all protestant reformers on salvation (in opposition to the Roman church), which are: sola Scriptura (Scripture alone), solus Christus (Christ alone), sola Fide (Faith alone), sola Gratia (Grace alone), and soli Deo gloria (God's glory alone). Reformed theology also affirms doctrines such as the Doctrines of Grace (or Calvinism) and Covenantalism. The different major branches within the Reformed tradition can be identified by the Reformed Confessions of Faith, which marks another major component of Reformed theology: Confessionalism. (or simply "ReformedWiki" / "Reformed Wiki") is an online wiki dedicated to Reformed theology that is powered by the MediaWiki wiki engine, which is the same wiki software that is used by many wikis, including the encyclopedia wiki.

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